Neighborhood Actions

4th Fridays on 4th – Tonight! Friday Sept. 27th from 6:00-9:00pm. Come to Rose Park table – we are selling our T’s and promoting Tuesday November 6th THE VOTE. We’ll have a voter registration specialist on hand. Ask Questions – Be Prepared.  RP table will be at end of St. Louis, adjacent to Socialist.

Community Meeting (Sept. 25th) – Super turn-out! Room filled at Rivera’s (thank you George and Family for hosting us). We had a report of grand theft auto’s in RP neighborhood – and no, we are not the center of this problem. Thank you Kenny for this excellent presentation. We’ll have more on this in the upcoming posts.

We covered neighborhood building actions in the ‘hood. Including the opportunity for an Alley Art project. Kick-off presentation with artist and neighborhood on during the Open Studio weekend. Stop by and check out. Maybe sign up and be part of the art mural experience.  [post image comes from art project collection]

Alley Art/Open Studio. Walk on over! There is no ticket to buy.  All you need is the Tour map that can be picked up at my studio or download from the website  New this year, the tour is extended over three separate weekends.  West Long Beach October 13th & 14th,  East Long Beach 20th & 21st and a third weekend 27th & 28th is for artist who opt to open their studios for a second time.  I am on the East side.
Cody Lusby (Studio #32 on the Map)
Open Saturday and Sunday October 20th & 21st.
2913 E. 6th Street, Long Beach, CA 90814
Walk down the alley.  You can’t miss me
Speakers at Sept 25th Community Meeting: Council Member Pearce and Commander Patrick O’Dowd.  Effective interchange on parking, trash and noise. Many, many questions answered and concerns addressed.