Nonprofit Spotlight

“Why is it important to be involved in Your neighborhood?”

“As a nonprofit agency within the Rose Park Neighborhood boundaries, it is vital for Safe Refuge to be a part of our community. Involvement in our neighborhood allows us to be proactive and gives a sense of pride, not only for our agency but most importantly for our clients. Volunteering and involvement in the community permits our clients a learning opportunity like no other. The experience is something we cannot provide without the assistance of entities like the Rose Park Neighborhood Association and the participation reveals a part of themselves they have not experienced for some time or for some clients, at any time.” – Arthur Romo, Safe Refuge

*Safe Refuge and its clients volunteer with the Rose Park Neighborhood Association for various events, and their role has evolved into a partnership. Safe Refuge contributes to several events throughout the year, including the set-up, refreshments and goodies for the Christmas Tree Lighting. Visit to learn more.