Our legacy

For years Rose Park Neighborhood Association has hosted a neighborhood event in Rose Park. It started out as a tree lighting with the theme of peace. Everyone was to bring a handmade ornament with peace in mind. And that remains the essence of our Annual Tree Lighting event today. Except that a few years ago Safe Refuge joined in with luminary and then hot chocolate and cider and now brings the cookies. So our event has the same intent but with a strong and intentional partnership. That is where peace begins.

Rose Parkians greeting all with the ‘peace sign’! Please join us!!

We have a legacy of neighbor support and informing our community

We’ve been walking the walk, so to speak. Since the mass tragedy on October 29th we have walked the 4 block area twice a week – missed once for rain. We meet up with our neighbors sharing a breakfast bar or cup of coffee. By doing so we’ve met several individuals who witnessed this event. And by going back each week there is a sense of support. This includes connecting with the nail shop [Best Nails] and the donut shop….more and more people are returning to these retail spots restoring life to our neighborhood.

And yes, we are holding the city accountable for continuing support and information. We’ve reached out weekly to the health department and have had health department staff on a walk. We’ve presented to the Eastside Police Advisory group. And through a family advocate we stay in touch with the family that has moved from the site. We recognize there is still things to be learned. And at the same time we know that the best thing to offer is regular support to all those who experienced some part of that event.

We thank Council Member Pearce, and her staff for their extensive commitment to these efforts. A shout-out to Randy Hope who has walked the walk with us every week. As a MSW trained in trauma informed approaches he has been an on-site immediate support for our neighbors!!

For those reading this and aware of individuals that may now recognize the need for support we have a page on our website. Please share thoughtfully.