October Gathering – Indy Business Meet-up, Wed. Oct 22

October Gathering - Indy Business Meetup

Scads of people talk about “doing what they love”. And for many in Rose Park community that is what they are doing. So much so, that it is a signature part of our culture.

Rose Park Neighborhood Association is inviting ‘indie business owners’, self-employed, and artists to share their success stories. And maybe some precautionary notes.

The gathering is for all in the Rose Park area (4th to 10th:Redondo to Cherry). Those already signed up are:

Aliye Aydin—BeachGreens
Glen Mann—Urban Street Artist
Tim Scanlon—LB Skate
Richard Connelly—Ray Bay Film Studios

Work from home; walk to the beach; bike downtown; bus to CSULB

Wednesday October 22
Royal Cup Café
at 10th & Redondo

ROSE PARK Gathering
Our Live version of LinkedIn!
New Residents are Welcome!

Join RPNA in supporting Sole Searching Long Beach in their French Toast Fun Fundraiser: Sunday, September 28th; Run/Walk: 8:00a, French Toast Breakfast: 9:00a-12:00p


Sole Searching Long Beach, whose mission is to get volunteer and city-based organizations to work collectively in finding solutions to shared problems and empowering a movement for positive change in our city, is having a delicious fundraiser on Sunday, September 28th that we hope you’ll partake in.

In keeping with one of Sole Searching’s current projects to run every street in Long Beach, the breakfast will be proceeded by 1.6-mile walk or a 3.2-mile run (your choice, and both are optional)—either of which should only take about 30-45 minutes to complete—for those who are looking to get in a little exercise that morning. Both the run and the walk start and end at The Red Leprechaun (4000 Anaheim St, at Termino, which is where breakfast will be served) and each route winds its way mostly through Recreation Park. It sounds like a great way to start off a lovely Sunday morning! Following the run/walk is the fund/fun part: enjoying a delicious French Toast whose proceeds will help Sole Searching’s great efforts at making Long beach an even better place than it is already to live and work—and run and walk—and eat!

If it looks as if you’ll be attending, kindly RSVP to rsvp@SoleSearchingLB.org

Running every mile of every street in Long Beach is impressive, indeed! And they tell us that they are about 25% of the way through that goal—about 300 miles so far! Their runs—and their walks, especially—are designed to be easy and fun, so consider joining them at 8:00a if you can. But if not, come at 9:00a just for the French Toast!