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Give and Get! Rose Park Neighborhood 2014

This year we’ve had a number of ways for our residents and businesses to work on being a neighborhood PLUS have fun!

  • Tree lighting Dec 11th – over 100 people came to enjoy the evening; a wonderful annual event
  • Holiday House photos – tons of homes are lit with spirit and character and are seen on our Facebook page. Please add your home or one you like in the neighborhood.

But there is more!

  • Holiday T-shirt Contest; Take a funny, artful or pleasing photo – an RPNA t-shirt must be included – to win BIG. A wonderful gift basket with gift cards; treats. Go to link to post or vote
  • Rose Park Holiday Auction – give and get; the winning bid gets a great local item or service and all the proceeds go to RPNA. The last auction generated enough funds for a snow holiday in the park. So let the bidding commence! Go to to bid.