Holiday Times



Holidays are built on tradition. Whether you are new to the the RP area or a life long resident, young or old we love to connect at this time of year.

Holiday Times Schedule

Dec. 2 Tuesday 7-9pm East 7th St 105th Birthday Party. Buy your Own Dinner at Rivera’s. Presentation from the East 7th St. History Project. Great time to mix and mingle.

Dec. 11 Thursday 7pm—At Rose Park 8th & Orizaba. Lighting the Tree for Peace in conjunction with SAF who light the luminary and provide the hot chocolate.   Bring an ornament to hang on the tree—homemade even better.

Jan. 21 Wed 7pm-9pm—RPNA Potluck and Meeting at Red Leprechaun (corner of Termino & Anaheim). Presentation by Steve Tweed re: 6th St. Bike Route.  Bring something to share.

Feb. Rose Park’s Big heART Show – Local artists participate and help raise money for charity. See “Call for RP Artists” below. The first time ever that Rose Park artists will be shown en masse. Don’t miss it. Plus proceeds will go to critical non-profits that reduce homelessness.

Check out Calendar to find out what; where; and when!

October Gathering – Indy Business Meet-up, Wed. Oct 22

October Gathering - Indy Business Meetup

Scads of people talk about “doing what they love”. And for many in Rose Park community that is what they are doing. So much so, that it is a signature part of our culture.

Rose Park Neighborhood Association is inviting ‘indie business owners’, self-employed, and artists to share their success stories. And maybe some precautionary notes.

The gathering is for all in the Rose Park area (4th to 10th:Redondo to Cherry). Those already signed up are:

Aliye Aydin—BeachGreens
Glen Mann—Urban Street Artist
Tim Scanlon—LB Skate
Richard Connelly—Ray Bay Film Studios

Work from home; walk to the beach; bike downtown; bus to CSULB

Wednesday October 22
Royal Cup Café
at 10th & Redondo

ROSE PARK Gathering
Our Live version of LinkedIn!
New Residents are Welcome!