Long Beach Transit is planning to remove 32 bus stops throughout its service area beginning Sunday, February 6th. We encourage you to submit your feedback regarding the proposed bus removal plans by filling out the survey below.

Please click on the link below and use the form to select the route and stop changes that you access to see how these removals will affect your transit route(s). Once you select a route and stop, you will be asked to describe how the changes will affect your journey. You will then be able to submit your response for review. Thank you for your participation!

Survey in English HERE

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Thursday afternoons in Rose Park are so much fun with free art…doodling, drawing, painting, mosaic, and activities with visiting artists including Cody Lusby, Alex Gonzalez, and Luz Mack.

Art in Rose Park on Thursdays 3pm to 5pm

Participants painted trash receptacles for this Rose Park event called “Clean It, Green It.” We explored the question: “What does a neighborhood that values its environment look like?

“Clean It Green It” at Rose Park

The Daisy Chain Wall at Friendship Corner on E7th Street and Dawson Avenue. Mosaic flowers were made by local Mann Elementary School students and staff, and installed on a wall near our Friendship mural. Come and take a look!

The Daisy Chain flowers created by Mann Elementary students and staff. Located at E7th Street and Dawson Avenue

2021 was the second year of creating ornaments for the holiday gift bags for seniors with the Heart of Ida, a wonderful nonprofit supporting seniors in Long Beach.

Neighborhood volunteers gather at E7th Street and Dawson Avenue to make ornaments for the holiday gift bags provided by Long Beach nonprofit, Heart of Ida
Staff at Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center received gift bags for their residents

“Hearts Across Long Beach” was a project created during the pandemic to support our essential workers. Kits of hearts were handed out to various service workers including St Mary’s hospital, Mental Health America, postal workers, and other organzations that kept everyone afloat during the pandemic. These hearts will soon be on display in a local exhibit in 2022.

Mosaic Hearts created by essential workers in Long Beach

“On the Boulevard” was a day to walk E7th Street in Long Beach and reimagine this busy street. ArtWorksLBC participants created whimsical flowers and a fun resting space on the boulevard.

Flowers and placemaking designs for “On the Boulevard” Day at E7th Street and Dawson Avenue

Get involved with ArtWorksLBC this year! We will be out at Rose Park every Thursday from 3pm to 4pm handing out mosaic kits for individuals and families to take home and create! Follow us @ARTWORKSLBC and @ROSEPARKLB. More info at info@rpna.org.