Announcing the 2013-2014 Rose Park Neighborhood Association Board of Directors!

Each July brings with it the opportunity to reconstitute RPNA’s Board of Directors. This year we’re happy to announce that a wonderful group of dedicated and involved RPNA members took up the call to join the board.

A special acknowledgement and the organization’s sincerest thanks go out to last year’s executive committee members, who are retiring from the board. Each of them has been deeply committed for many years to improving our neighborhood and serving her or his fellow residents, and each has offered RPNA continued support and involvement in its future activities, and for that we are very grateful:

Emily Stevens, Past President
Gretchen Swanson, Past Vice President
Carl Lipo, Past Secretary
David Hennage, Past Treasurer

Two members of last year’s board continue on this year’s board:

Scottie Hinkey, Past Events Coordinator, now Vice President
David Clement, member at-large

New Members include:

Jeff Anderson, President
Sarah Vinci, Secretary
Ken Matlock, Treasurer
Joanna Alpízar, member at large
Chuck Barrick, member at-large
Rachel de Jong, member at-large
Chris Wisniewski, member at-large

The new board can be contacted via e-mail at

The Rose Park Neighborhood Association was formed in 1999 to serve the 22,000 residents of Rose Park, which is bounded by 10th St on the north, 4th St on the South, Cherry Ave on the West and Redondo Ave on the East. Its mandate is to foster cooperation, communication, and pride among residents of the area; create a positive identity for Rose Park throughout Long Beach and beyond; encourage an understanding of citizenship and civic responsibility; promote an appreciation for the neighborhood’s architectural history and preservation; and increase the quality of life in our neighborhood. If you’re not yet a member, we encourage you to join us! We need your ideas, your expertise and your participation! Everyone is welcome! Annual memberships run January 1st through December 31st, and cost $25 per household. To find out more, e-mail or visit our membership page

Step up!

Looking to make a difference? Every year RPNA elects its board. We do it in June. Want to step up? Yes you need to participate in monthly meetings; take leadership and generally do right by the organization and its mission. Send in to and we’ll give you the scoop.

And here is our mission statement. . .

The mission of the RPNA is to educate the residents, property and business owners within the RPNA boundaries, as well as city and neighboring communities about the Rose Park neighborhood. The purpose shall be to teach and disseminate education materials to the public, including, but not limited to, material relating to Rose Park and Rose Park South Historic Districts, historic and architectural preservation, zoning laws; crime statistics and community improvement, through publications, lectures, or otherwise. In so doing, RPNA will  improve the quality of life in the Rose Park Neighborhood Association area.