Upcoming Community Meeting – Thursday May 23rd

What happens at a Community Meeting – a Rose Park Neighborhood Community meeting? Each of these meetings are planned to offer all those attending information specific to our area. We review what the Rose Park Neighborhood Association has been doing; we have an analysis of a specific type of crime and how we compare to the rest of the city and we have an informed presentation so that we can empower ourselves.

The topic of this Community Meeting originated at a focus group  our neighborhood was invited to participate in – Community Health Needs Assessment. Those attending from Rose Park Neighborhood wanted to continue with a goal to improve our knowledge, access and quality of life.

We will host content experts at our May 23rd Meeting! Please come to learn what we have and what we need! We need to hear your concerns! Please come to Luther Burbank School Thursday May 23rd – Parking off Dawson (staff/faculty lot) – meeting is expected to be inside school Library. There will be signs!!!!

Panel: Kelly Colopy – Director of Health and Human Services, Chris Robson – RP resident and Vice-Chair of Health and Human Services Commission, Jeannine Pearce -Council Member CD2, Jessica Truesdale – Community Outreach at Safe Refuge, Ishmael Salamanca – Director of Health Services at The Center, Dina Berg – Executive Director of Heart of Ida, Dawn Mendelson – Developer of Concept – ArtWorksLB and Christine Petit, Executive Director of LB Forward.

A few more things on 100 ways to commemorate our neighborhood

Just a review – our area was “annexed” to the City of LB in 1909. But we are celebrating that 100 years ago many of the Cal Bungalow structures were built. What happened in 1919? That year was the end of WWI which allowed the city to release building permits for non-war activity.

Sometimes a look back to ‘how did we get here’ gives a fresh perspective.

Well before the city annexed this area the Tongva people called this area home [map]. Their descendants continue to recall and commemorate these times. Reminding us that what was considered during the 19th  century as unchartered land was in fact a land-grab era.  And bing bang boom we have ‘ownership’ of previously shared lands. So whether you own or rent our neighborhood has a long legacy, some shared and some owned and now both.

Here are some things to do or ponder …

  1. Right after all the Cal Bungalows were built the country went into Prohibition [really there was a time that the sale of alcohol was prohibited!].  Drive by Joe Jost’s to see their sign out front [Anaheim and Temple]. A vestige of the time and favorite place to take out-of-towners.
  2. Helen Densmore and her husband bought 110 acres in 1899 in the area call Rose Park South – she became nationally visible in the women’s movement. The country is celebrating 100 years of the Women’s Right to Vote. Thank you Helen!
  3. Names change – Streets in the 1890’s were referred to as Densmore (6th St) and Garfield (Orizaba) for Garfield Tea Company. [hint: very much related to who owned the property]
  4. If you think long term you could consider we are only stewards of this place.  If you live in a 100 year old building please help maintain its health for the next
  5. Have a 100 year celebration – invite people! Remember sharing is in our history.