Things that go bump in the summer

In spite of the marine layer, the season of summer is upon us. Longer days, vacations, children out of school, time for picnics and parties. Here are some pretty important considerations.

You’d like to enjoy your backyard – so remember that late night parties effect others. Be considerate. Remember to turn the volume down. We all face the upcoming 4th of July illegal fireworks phenomenon, many with dread. So, let’s commiserate together by being thoughtful about the noise we can control.

And weirdly there is more trash in the summer….bbq’s and cases of adult beverages, take out deli food pile up and overflow those well used brown & purple trash cans. Again, you may be tired after your fun event but properly storing trash within the bin and placing the bin away from the street or alley path keeps these areas safe.

That’s it for now on the safety beat!

Summer brings out the home restorer in us! Check out resources and steps if you are planning to work on your place!

Here are some things to review if you are thinking up fixing up your home. Check to see if you are in the historic district boundary, if so you’ll need to check in with the city’s historic preservation office to review paint colors, fencing ideas, restoring windows and replacing your roof. IF you have a ton a money….and are considering adding square footage well then….you should start with a call to the City’s Historic Preservation office and review the guidelines. That number is (562) 570-6194.  It is way too costly to start down the path of remodeling without knowing the city ordinances for Rose Park and Rose Park South.  And remember most of us moved here because these efforts have been made by others!

City’s page for property in historic districts – a must!

Review of Certificate of Appropriateness at our website

Q&A from recent RPNA Community Meeting – notes Key Questions and Fact Sheet_Panel