Inspired by MLK Day? And want to volunteer?

There are always our local non-profits that really support the RPNA’s efforts. And there are opportunities at our City Hall. I know the Senior Police Partners, as an example, serve a terrific need to many in our neighborhoods. But there are other avenues! The Grunion lists what non-profit and volunteer situations are available. You could just donate your time to help someone in need, drive to an appointment, help take the groceries in. One step leads to another! Need help locating an opportunity?

Trash bin overflowing?

For different reasons your city trash bin might need to be secured. Here is the information if you’d like to have the city provide a chain and locking mechanism for your city trash bin. Thank you Councilperson Pearce for this info!

Locked Bin Program

If you are experiencing problems with illegal dumping or scavenging, sign up for the city’s locked bin program. They will provide a chain and a lock for your 2,3, or 4 cubic yard trash receptacle. For a more secure trash receptacle, call (562) 570-2876.