We are asking residents to take a few minutes to consider whether or not the proposed mural at 2800 E. 4th Street (the Lyft Dispensary) should be approved or disapproved by the Cultural Heritage Commission on February 23, 2021. 

The owners of the building at 2800 E. 4th Street (Corner of Temple and 4th Street) proposed several large murals to be painted on the outside of the Lyft Dispensary located on that property. They requested a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Cultural Heritage Commission. As part of the approval process, the Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association (BHNA) Board was notified of the upcoming meeting on February 23 at 5:00PM at which time the Long Beach Cultural Heritage Commission will either approve or disapprove of the proposed mural. There are also posters at the property detailing the information.

Please find the document HERE entitled Exhibit B, which will provide you with the details of the proposed mural, the artists, and other examples within Long Beach.

Please note: Slides 7 – 9 are photos of the current property operated by Lyft Dispensary.

Slides 10 – 13 are the proposed visuals and paint colors for the mural.

Should you wish to express your opinion, written comments may be submitted by February 22 to Cultural.Heritage@longbeach.govFor more information, you may contact Maryanne Cronin at or (562) 570-5683. You can also visit Cultural Heritage Commission.