Rose Park Residents Light up their Alleyway

Rose Park residents Cody Lusby, Eric Copeland, and Kim and William King gathered in their alleyway on Orizaba and 6th street to discuss the best place for the solar powered motion detection light that was donated to them by Rose Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA).

The residents missed the deadline for the previous light installation on Saturday, February 3rd, so RPNA agreed to donate a light for them to install.

Cody, an artist and Rose Park resident for 8 years commented on why he loves Rose Park Neighborhood stating, “We are six blocks from the ocean, I love the community and the walkability.”

This impromptu meeting gave neighbors an opportunity to talk about safety and why they love living in Rose Park. Homeowner of 24 years and recipient of the light, Kim King commented, “The light will make pedestrians and kids feel safe walking. We are thrilled the opportunity arose to receive a light.”