Rose Park – The Destination

If you’ve been feeling that there is more going on – here are a couple of findings. These items and others set the stage for our “Model Healthy Neighborhood” discussion at Thursday’s Community Meeting. We will follow-up with results of the meeting in short order.

Consider the incidences of hit and runs in our neighborhood – 64 between July 23, 2018 and January 17, 2019

And consider the recent findings from the City’s Safe Streets Initiative that highlights High Risk Corridors [please open up link – very informative!] Page 11 – High Risk Map from Safe Streets LB

And consider “Ralph’s at the Traffic Circle” recently taken by RPNA resident..

We’ve had at least two, if not more, incidents of cars careening into homes mid-block.

It may be obvious to us there is a problem – but it is not yet obvious to those that can do something about it. We’ll ask to present to the Vision Zero Task Force – you may other channels of communication. This is a neighborhood-wide experience. Let’s continue.