Street Safe chalk art here – Parking Lot on 7th Street & Dawson Avenue

Safe. Accessible. Equitable. The conversation for improving street safety in Rose Park Neighborhood continues. We want to thank all the Rose Park residents and neighborhood groups who took the survey and attended the zoom facilitated by ArtWorksLBC Director Dawn Mendelson on Tuesday, August 11th to describe the impact of high risk and unsafe situations on our streets and sidewalks. Topics included high speed intersections, residential areas, bike boulevards, alleyways and bus stops. Congratulations to Mary Simmons of AOC7 neighborhood for participating in the survey and winning the raffle for a FREE LB Farms box!

On Monday, August 17th from 1PM to 2PM Rose Park resident and artist Cody Lusby will gather the information received from the survey responses and zoom discussion to illustrate resident feedback for safe, more accessible street use and equitable spaces. Cody will use stencil & chalk art to represent safety themes in the parking lot on the west side of Dawson Avenue & 7th Street. Volunteers welcome & Masks required!

At the end of August, Rose Park Neighborhood Association President Gretchen Swanson will host an online pedestrian safety training workshop and demonstration video.

In September, Rose Park Neighborhood Association will present it’s findings in a report to the city council. These efforts are funded by a grant received from Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). ‘With support from the California Office of Traffic Safety, the Local Community Engagement and Safety Mini-Grants fund projects that build street-level community resiliency and increase the safety of vulnerable street users, including those who depend on biking and walking. ‘

We hope you will stay informed and continue to be a part of making Rose Park Neighborhood streets and surrounding areas safe, accessible & equitable for all! Stay informed & SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.