Safety and Crime Watch

Check out what is really happening with the city’s new (2018) database. RPNA member, Kenny Shiozaki-Kawamoto has laid out how this database can clarify the type and extent of crimes in and around our neighborhood.

Long Beach Crime Portal and Monthly Crime Statistics

 DataLB is the city’s new public GeoSpatial & Open Data Portal for exploring, visualizing and downloading data that has been made publicly available.

-For the Crime Portal, enter “crime” into the search field and click search…..-Click on “Crime Incident Mapping Application”


Crime Type- Grand Theft Auto


By clicking on the switch, you are able to filter your search based off of your own search parameters.  The four filters include: date range, day of the week, time of day, and crime type. The green color indicates that the filter is enabled. For the above search, I’ve indicated a time period of January 1, 2018 through January 31, 2018 for any time of the day.  I’ve also chosen the specific crime type of grand theft auto.  The map will show all instances that fit the search criteria.  To see specifics about any instance, simply click on the data point.  A window will pop up with more details which include the reported date, time and address.









In addition to the Crime Portal, the city also posts Monthly Crime Statistics at

The statistical reports contain the LBPD’s monthly crime statistic data sorted by 5-year summary, previous year to current year, and reporting district.  Below is an example of the citywide report for January 2018.

By comparing the Crime Portal to the Monthly Crime Statistics for January we can see that of the 222 grand theft autos, only 6 of them occurred within the Rose Park district.

Crime Type- Robbery

Of the 93 citywide robberies during the month of January, one occurred within Rose Park.

Crime Type- Burglary

There were six burglaries which occurred during the month of January.  It gets a bit trickier trying to compare burglaries from the Crime Portal to the Monthly Crime Statistics because the monthly statistics further categorize burglaries into residential, garage, commercial, and automobile.

The 24 different crime types include the following: arson, assault aggravated, assault simple, burglary, disorderly conduct, driving under influence, drunkenness, embezzlement, forgery, fraud, grand theft auto, hit & run, larceny, liquor laws, manslaughter, murder, narcotics, offenses against family, prostitution/vice, receive stolen property, robbery, vandalism, weapons violations, and all other offenses.

The above examples were just a few ways that we could utilize the Crime Portal and Monthly Crime Statistics.  If there is anything specific that you’d like to see included in the newsletters, send your suggestions!