Safety and Crime Watch

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  • VL Jordan

    Last night there was a theft of a catalytic converter off of a 1994 Toyota Truck. Please help to watch for this type of crime by looking while driving, and report when you see someone under a vehicle or crouching around one.

  • Renee Richardson

    I live on Stanley Ave between 8th and 10th. Last year a male light skinned hispanic (5’10 to 6 ft, 25-30, dark brown hair) broke into my home with the intention of sexual assault. Six months later my garage was broken into and items were stolen. Two days ago I woke up to a man entering my bedroom, again, with the intention of assault. The man who broke in was black, about 25-30, 6ft, thinner build, short hair. Please.. If you see anyone who looks suspicious, please call the police. We all know (or can at least hear what goes on just north of us) but Rose Park is a family oriented neighborhood and we need to keep it hat way. Lets work together to keep the crime out of our neighborhood. This is getting ridiculous and we all deserve the right to live in our homes without the fear of perverts breaking through the window or addicts stealing our possessions.