Seasonal Change

Shorter days! Those of us that staff the Coronado Cooling Center (CCC) enjoy the cool temps but do not like the earlier dusk and shorter days. What to do? Turn on the lights! For those with SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – many benefit from turning on and sitting near a light. But for those who want safe passage around their home – turn on your outside lights. True, it will cost some in terms of electricity but may provide piece of mind. Just make sure your lights shine on your paths and driveways and not into your neighbor’s windows! A multi-unit building down the street from the CCC just re-did their exterior lighting, the building looks terrific and at night adds character and safety when out walking the dog.

Following up from our recent Community Meeting – Here are some tips to keep your car (parked on street) safe. Straight from the LBPD…[image from Crime Incident Mapping – Rose Park 2018 Grand Theft Autos and here is the powerpoint!]

  1. Lock your car. Sounds reasonable but a break-in or theft of an unlocked car is not as serious than a locked one.
  2. Secure all items OUT OF SIGHT! Everything. You leave it – someone may take it! Go back to #1.
  3. Park in a well-lit area. In our recent analysis we found some car thefts occurred on poorly lit areas – it may not be the only cause but it doesn’t help.
  4. Use your garage for your car. Bummer! Garages are needed storage spaces, workshops and art studios, Yet using them for parking creates more spaces, safe spaces for everyone. We know we have many garages that are not used for parking. The neighborhood association will continue to work on this – stay tuned.