Stay informed – Phase 2

Some of you are aware of the impending application for a free-standing 7-Eleven at E7th/Temple. Many have written into RPNA with their concerns. Here are just a small sample of the commentary.

The 7th street corridor is already a busy street and adding a 7-11 would increasing traffic on the corner of 7th/temple and increase potential for accidents in this area. This past Wednesday the corner of E7th/Temple was shut down due to an accident. Our neighborhood welcome sign remains down – waiting for a resolution on this property. E7th is considered a high-risk corridor.

Long Beach in general no longer needs these chains that don’t give back to the community. It needs local vendors whose passions lie in making the surrounding community better.  This could be the 29th 7-Eleven in LB. Check out what one of our RP investigative team members created using google maps.

Here is what we’ve done since we last reported to you Sept 26th – just 3 weeks ago.

Established a work group of volunteers to do background research on a variety of angles. Some working on 7-Eleven and others on crime data near these types of establishments. Who knows how much plastic and non-renewable materials a business of this nature creates ? If you know – let us know!!

As an example – the final proposed LUE and Urban Design documents are up for consideration at Planning Commission October 17th. It is assumed that these will move forward to City Council with few changes. What is missing is that these documents speak to healthy communities and environmental justice but there is no accountability that these important values will be implemented. RPNA has notified the Planning Commission of this oversight and need for correction.

RPNA has presented testimony at the City’s Health and Human Services Commission on the threats to neighborhood health that additional venues as proposed at E7th/Temple create.

RPNA has present testimony at the City’s Cultural Heritage Commission as to the alteration of our important historic fabric if a development of this type is allowed.

But let’s understand – these commissions rarely if ever get ahead of the curve on neighborhood building issues. We believe many who serve on these groups would like to – we need to support that.

Most recently RPNA has been noticed that the applicant is submitting revised plan – we’ve requested receiving these documents as soon as possible. As yet, there is no date for the applicant to present at the Planning Commission.

Think there is another angle to explore? Please share! We only know what we know. So keep those thoughts coming

This could happen at a corner near you – email