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RPNA is engaging at many levels on a couple of fronts:

Locally – application to develop the NW corner at E7th & Temple for a 24 hour convenience store with a beer/wine off site license, aka “7-11”. RPNA has had 2 inform sessions, received dozens of letters and now we are moving into the next phase. To kick it off – meeting with our Council Member! And then others who’ve experienced this incursion into their neighborhood. It’s not just how it looks on the outside – it’s all the stuff that is sold on the inside that causes residents and stakeholders alarming concerns.

What residents and stakeholders are learning is that we have little or no part of the approval process UNLESS we come up with strategic and immediate alternatives such as other offers for purchase and development suitable for neighborhood, as well as, having key city departments weigh in on one-more 7-11. Think health department and office of sustainability. The impact of increased traffic activity – where the extremely heavy neighborhood sign has been taken down twice in collisions – at the corner must be studied. The environmental impact of increased sale of products with single-use packaging, plastics that cause increased trash, more litter and non-recyclable items in the environment – first stop is our beach!

Think of this as a long-term challenge, sort of like a chess game! We have 10 years of organizing and information about what our neighborhood needs in a location such as E7th & Temple. So keep those thoughts coming

This could happen – email

Global Climate Action – our very next action Oct. 2nd “Clean Air Day” starts at E7th & Temple! Please participate! We start first thing in the morning! Why because that is when 10’s of thousands of cars and others transit our historic boulevard.

Day #1 – Wednesday October 2nd Theme: “Trees and Me” 8am – meet up with comfy shoes and your organization’s t-shirt! Start at 8am at E7th and Temple – ends 9:30am Walk the Walk with Trees and Me bags Guerilla Art and clean-up at E7th and Temple 9:30-10am and meet Council Member Pearce at the ‘Flower Wall’- 10am

Day #2 – Thursday October 3rd Theme: “Keep It Parked”  8:30am – meet up with comfy shoes and your organization’s t-shirt! Start Thursday Morning: 8:30am meet at Junipero ends at 9:30 E7th Walk the Walk with Message Placards (think street protest or rally format – we provide the placards) (At the same time…Hospitality greeting by CD2with ‘Keep it Parked’ bags at major transit stops)

Day #3 – Oct. 4 Friday afternoon: Tree-keeping action at special places along E7th – contact for details if you’d like to join in!

In the meantime, sign up at Take the Pledge at Clean Air California!

Rose Park meets on the street!