Summertime Picnic Photo Recap! Announcement from City of LB — Celebrate the 4th of July Safely — Resources for Reporting Illegal Fireworks

Summertime Picnic Recap!

175 residents gathered in Rose Park for the Summertime Picnic on Saturday, June 22nd! Thank you to all of our fantastic volunteers including Safe Refuge for bringing the best watermelon contest to Rose Park, to Serbrina of Happy Lifts for all the awesome activities, to the District 2 staff of Vice Mayor Cindy Allen’s Office, Mimi Masher and Rahul Sen, and to Fire Station 4. Thanks to Blake Whytock of The Good Bar for donating the hot dogs. Much appreciation to Cody and Linzy Lusby, Talia Watts, Elie and Ben Buchanan, Brian Dague and all of our Rose Park Neighborhood Board Members.

Rose Park was rocking with jams from Natural Hi-Fi and bluegrass tunes from Brother Pines. We are grateful for the sponsorship support for our placemaking efforts by the Port of Long Beach.

We hope to see our Rose Park neighbors out and about this summer! Enjoy the recap with photos below!

Watermelon Eating Contest at the Summertime Picnic at Rose Park on Saturday, June 22nd
Live music from Natural Hi-FI
Live music from Brother Pines
Audrey & Serbrina of Happy Lifts!
Fire Station 4
Balloon Toss
Attendees completed the Rose Park Placemaking Survey to provide feedback for Rose Park activities and improvements- sponsored by the Port of Long Beach!

Take the survey HERE:



Announcement from City of LB — Celebrate the 4th of July Safely — Resources for Reporting Illegal Fireworks

The City is encouraging everyone to enjoy the 4th of July holiday safely and takes the job of enforcing the Long Beach Fireworks Ordinance seriously. All personal fireworks, including those labeled Safe and Sane, are prohibited in Long Beach.  

Here some ways you can assist us in geting the word out:

Community Toolkit

The City has also developed an educational campaign to reach residents. “Celebrate Safely” coloring and activity sheets, along with other educational materials, can be downloaded for community use at


To report illegal firework activity in Long Beach, people may submit a fireworks complaint several ways:

  • Call the non-emergency number at the Communications Center at (562) 435-6711 to report fireworks usage and/or sales.
  • Email the LBPD patrol division where the firework activity is occurring and provide any details, such as addresses, videos, license plates, photos, or any other information that can be investigated. Please include your name, address and phone number so that you can be contacted, if necessary:

Please remember if you “See Something, Say Something.” You can report suspicious or criminal activity by calling police dispatch at (562) 435-6711 or dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Social Media

Follow us at @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Instagram or X and share our #CelebrateSafely posts to spread awareness.

Ensuring a safe city for all people remains one of our top priorities, and with an increased level of concern over firework safety during this time—we want to assure our community that we are as vigilant as ever. Fireworks are illegal in Long Beach. Now they can cost you as much as $20,000 in response costs plus fines. If you “Host” an event with fireworks, you could be held responsible. “Host” includes property owners, tenants, property managers or anyone who organizes or is in charge of the firework activity.