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Safe Streets in Rose Park Neighborhood & New Board Members in 2023

Rose Park Neighborhood Receives America Walks Mini-Grant Award

Rose Park Neighborhood received an America Walks Mini-Grant Award in 2022 for the “State of the Neighborhood”
project that serves to create change and opportunity for walking and movement at the community level. Take a look at the report summary below.

Access the Full Report HERE – Page 93.

Access the Rose Park Neighborhood Directory 2022 HERE

Rose Park Directory & Design by Artist Cheyne Ellet

Eric Copeland Joins Rose Park Neighborhood Association Board

Pictured: Eric Copeland

Meet Eric: Eric was born on the Island of Cyprus into a family of educators, farmers and ministers. He moved with his family to a University town in Kansas and then moved to California where he has lived since he was 12. He’s the youngest of 4 boys and spent all his youth playing as many sports as he could which eventually helped him get scholarships to attend College.

After a short time working in adventure education in Romania, he moved back to Southern California and worked in special education and then homeless services for about 10 years. He has a masters degree in social work from CSULB and is a licensed clinical therapist, currently working part time.

He is married to Kaney and has 2 children age 8 and 6 and has resided in Rose Park since 2016.

As a board member of We Love Long Beach, he’s been passionate about organizing social gatherings in local neighborhoods throughout Long Beach. Within his own neighborhood, he has hosted breakfasts, a block party and worked with local artist Cody Lusby to launch the Roses For Rose Park mural project.

After a brief relocation to New Zealand with his family, he is looking forward to being an active member of Rose Park again. His specific interests include mobilizing neighbors to host gatherings and block parties. He believes these events are an on-ramp to finding out what specific skills and talents are represented on each block.


The second event for the Rose Park Neighborhood Alleyway Improvement Project was held on Saturday, June 26th from 4pm to 6pm in the alleyway between Temple and Ohio and 7th and 6th Street. The event included Roses for Rose Park, Rose Park Brewing, music, arts and crafts, succulent plants, alleyway improvement surveys, prize raffles, popcorn, refreshing mocktails and a visit from Councilmember Cindy Allen and Policy Director Rahul Sen.

Rose Park Resident and Board Member, Esmeralda Garcia hosts an arts and crafts table for attendees to make their own musical instrument.

Special thanks to attendees, our wonderful volunteers, and to America Walks for the Community Change Grant that aims to gather feedback from residents regarding their needs and ideas for improving our neighborhood alleyways! Community Change Grants support local, grassroots efforts to create safe, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk and be physically active for all community members.

The 50 surveys we received from this event indicated the top 3 preferences for alleyway improvement:

  1. Paving
  2. Art
  3. Lighting

Questions? Comments? Email info@rpna.org and stay tuned for upcoming events and initiatives.