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2022 Year End Review & Looking Ahead in 2023

2022 Year End Review

Rose Park Neighborhood’s ArtWorksLBC Director Dawn Mendelson highlights the program’s engagement with nonprofit and community partners, art sessions in Rose Park, and the events we attended in 2022 in the graphic below.

Long Time Volunteer Sylvia Salcedo Joins the Rose Park Neighborhood Board

Pictured: Sylvia Salcedo

Meet Sylvia: “I’m a retiree, having worked as an investigator for the State of California for 20+ years.  I have lived in Long Beach for 24 years with the last 7 years in the unique and welcoming neighborhood of Rose Park.  My husband and I are active members of Rose Park Neighborhood Association since we moved into the area. I enjoy spending time outdoors, spending time with my close friends and family, meeting new people, trying new restaurants (and going back to my favorites), cooking, attending museums, concerts, musicals, traveling, going to the movies (The Art Theatre is my favorite), and indulging in a breathtaking red wine, martini and margarita (not together).  In my spare time, I volunteer at a number of local nonprofit organizations, advocate for seniors, and my husband and I routinely do a neighborhood cleanup in our area. I am passionate about advocating for my neighborhood and for vulnerable and underserved children and seniors, and promoting a greater sense of community within my neighborhood.”

Roses for Rose Park Mural at Rivera’s Restaurant

Volunteers work on the rose mural at Rivera’s Restaurant

Roses for Rose Park Artist Cody Lusby brought together volunteers over the weekend to paint a Roses for Rose Park Mural on the east side of Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant at 2901 E 7th Street in Rose Park Neighborhood.

Special thanks to Artist and Rose Park Resident Cody Lusby for his vision and community building efforts, and to all of the volunteers who helped make this mural come alive!

A big shout out to George Rivera of Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant and the family’s ongoing support of Rose Park Neighborhood!

It’s amazing what happens when a community comes together.

Volunteers work on the rose mural at Rivera’s Restaurant
George Rivera of Rivera’s Mexican restaurant and Artist Cody Lusby of Roses for Rose Park