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a holiday card & an important message …

Starting in March, things appeared to be up in the air for Rose Park Neighborhood Association. Like many Long Beach nonprofit organizations, we wondered how to move forward with the series of events, resident-led initiatives and street actions. How do we stay connected to residents and their needs during this time, while pressing issues are rising to the surface?

The past 10 months highlighted much needed services for our most vulnerable residents and demanded that we work with community partners to implement real change for safer streets that no longer allows pedestrian fatalities and works to slow traffic speed. This year provided an opportunity to slow down, identify, connect, and develop new partnerships to work toward solutions and action in 2021. If any of these initiatives speak to you, we hope you will join us by emailing info@rpna.org. 2021 priorities include:

Pedestrian & Street Safety

Food Security for Older Adults 

Friendship Corner Mural at Dawson & 7th Street – vacant space revitalization

Alleyway Improvement – walkable spaces & places

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Help Me Help You offers a new grocery delivery service for Long Beach residents. This weekly service will benefit the most vulnerable population in Long Beach likely to be affected by the COVID pandemic.

The grocery delivery program is open to all eligible Long Beach residents and meant to serve the following individuals:

  • Age 60 and over.
  • Age 50-59 with an underlying health condition.
  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID19 and quarantining as a result (*requires proof of positive test for eligibility purposes and limit to 2 to 4 weeks of service).
  • The program is open to all eligible Long Beach residents

Help Me Help You is reaching out to Continuum of Care partners to benefit their eligible clients. Contact Program Coordinator Nia Rusher at 562-518-9760 for more details or for a registration/referral form.  Clients can also register directly on the website, and caseworkers can enroll their clients into the program.

More information at https://www.helpmehelpu.org/food-delivery