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Litter Free Long Beach, Graffiti on 7th Street & 2nd Sundays on Broadway

Litter Free Long Beach

Neighborhood leaders with Vanessa Acosta and Public Works team at the Long Beach Art EXPO

Neighborhood Associations from across the city of Long Beach gathered at the Long Beach Art EXPO in Bixby Knolls for a neighborhood champions meeting on Thursday, February 29th. Vanessa Acosta of Public Works Litter Abatement & Awareness Campaign, organized the meeting to get feedback from neighborhood leaders as to how to better connect residents with programs and services provided by the Public Works Department. More HERE …

If you are not aware of the many clean-up efforts going on in the city, we hope you will connect with one or start your own on your block or in your alleyway. Sign up HERE … or you can email us to get started at info@rpna.org. Vanessa Acosta of Public Works and her team will bring equipment, supplies and haul the trash away to help with the clean up.

We hope you will join us for another clean up on Saturday, March 16th starting at 9AM. We will meet in the parking lot with the mosaic flower mural on 7th and Dawson, AKA “The Friendship Corner.” Donuts, coffee and trash supplies will be provided. Feel free to RSVP to info@rpna.org.

The goal is to reduce the amount of trash we accumulate, and reuse when possible. Questions? Ideas? Email us at info@rpna.org.

Graffiti at Rivera’s on 7th Street

Rivera’s Restaurant on 7th Street was tagged with graffiti

Rivera’s Restaurant was tagged with graffiti this week and Roses for Rose Park Artist Cody Lusby and volunteers were quickly out cleaning it up. Please use the GO Long Beach app to report issues such as graffiti or DM us directly on Instagram @roseparklb.

Second Sundays on Broadway

It’s another 2nd Sunday of the month on Broadway! This Sunday, March 10th neighbors are invited to walk, skate, bike, stroll from Alamitos to Loma along Broadway from 12pm to 4pm. This event is organized by business along the Broadway corridor.

Black History Month Celebration at Bixby Park, Graffiti Removal, Rose Park Construction Improvements & Tree Maintenance are Underway

Black History Month Celebration at Bixby Park

Join us at Bixby Park on Sunday, February 25th from 1:30-4:30 pm for an enriching Black History Month Celebration. This event will feature representatives from the LB Historical Society, the LGBTQ Center, Board President of the African American Cultural Center, Darick Simpson and special guest Donzaleigh Abernathy.

Come together with the community to honor and learn from the past, present, and future contributions of the Black community. All are encouraged to attend and participate in this meaningful event. All are encouraged to attend.

Free food from Robert Earl’s BBQ and Fluffy’s Sno-Balls while supplies last. Don’t forget to bring your lawn chair.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti at 7th and Dawson along the mosaic flower wall, also known as the “The Friendship Corner”

Residents Ed Campbell, Sylvia Salcedo and Cody Lusby quickly restored the mosaic flower wall known as “The Friendship Corner” on 7th Street and Dawson, after it was tagged with graffiti some time Wednesday morning.

Roses for Rose Park Cody Lusby brought supplies and paint to the site, and with the help of Sylvia and Ed, they worked together to restore the mosaic flower wall back to its original state. We are so grateful to our neighbors!

Ed Campbell (pictured left) and Cody Lusby (pictured right) at the mosaic flower wall on 7th Street and Dawson

Rose Park Neighborhood Association would also like to thank the residents who messaged us on Instagram @roseparklb about the graffiti. Please stay connected and keep us informed, and remember to use the GO Long Beach app to report issues such as graffiti, dumped items, potholes, and more!

Rose Park Construction Improvements & Tree Maintenance

Rose Park Gazebo on 8th and Orizaba Ave.

The gazebo is now temporarily closed to complete construction upgrades to the gazebo. Improvements are underway at Rose Park which include installation of six new lighting fixtures, a new electrical outlet along with two outlet security boxes beneath the gazebo and the four park benches underneath the gazebo will be repainted.

The contractor encourages park patrons to keep children away from the construction areas and activities.

Tree Maintenance is also taking place at Rose Park. Parks Recreation and Marine is currently removing dead or dying trees in City parks that pose a danger to park visitors. Rose Park Neighborhood Association will be reaching out to residents for input while working with city staff to determine what can be planted to restore our trees. For more information, please view the tree inventory report for Rose Park HERE https://www.longbeach.gov/globalassets/park/media-library/documents/maintenance-operations/rose-park-updated (the red squares on the report identify the damaged areas).

For questions or concerns, please email parkscip@longbeach.gov. The Rose Park Neighborhood Association will be offering community input events regarding Rose Park, so please stay tuned for future dates and times coming up!

For updates and contact information visit https://longbeach.gov/roseparkgazebo