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Local Business Spotlight

Pictured: Dr. Hayden Almeida, Zenith Performance Physical Therapy

Zenith Performance Physical Therapy is located in the Metcon functional fitness gym at 2304 E 7th St, in Rose Park Neighborhood. Dr. Hayden Almeida of Zenith Performance Physical Therapy offers treatment to individuals recovering from surgery, those struggling with aches and pains, and for individuals who want to increase their performance in their sport or workout.

The motto of Zenith Performance is to: “Be Healthy. Be Active. Be You.” Dr. Hayden’s practice is a safe, welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community. Dr. Hayden enjoys treating the Long Beach community, while many of Dr. Hayden’s patients live in and around the neighborhood and walk, bike or ride to receive physical therapy treatment.

Feeling better and stronger after many sessions of physical therapy is truly a success. Dr. Hayden remembers one marathon runner who came in with a herniated disc. Dr. Hayden recalls: “He hurt his back and could barely walk. He wanted to run a marathon in six weeks in Paris`. We worked together for several weeks, and by week six, he was running the marathon in Paris.”

Visit www.zenithperformancept.com to learn more and check out Zenith Performance on Instagram @zenithperformancept.com for physical therapy exercises and more testimonials from patients.

Neighborhood Meetups and City of Long Beach News for Residents

Rose Park Neighborhood Book Club

Page Against the Machine held the Rose Park Neighborhood Book Club featuring Long Beach Author Max Evans
Long Beach Author Max Evans discusses his novel: “Escape to Butterfly Ave.” with Author Max Evans at Page Against the Machine

The Rose Park Neighborhood Book Club kicked off its 2nd reading with local Long Beach Author Max Evans at Page Against the Machine on Friday, January 20th. Thank you to all who attended! Much gratitude to Author Max Evans for planning such a great event and discussion with attendees, and for organizing a clothing donation for our nonprofit partner, Safe Refuge. We appreciate the comfortable and welcoming space provided by Chris Giaco at Page Against the Machine. Stay tuned for the next book club reading! Questions? Email info@rpna.org and stay informed by signing up for our weekly newsletter HERE.

Moms Meetup at Rose Park

Moms Meetup at Rose Park on Saturday, January 28th

It was all about connecting with Moms at Rose Park on Saturday, January 28th. Neighborhood resident Linzy Lusby organized the gathering with the help from local nonprofit, We Love Long Beach.

Thanks to all the moms and kids who came out to connect with each other and we will continue to keep you informed for additional activities to come! Let’s keep connecting our Long Beach neighborhoods to created a safer, healthier, and happier community! Reach out to Linzy Lusby at linzy@therecol.com to provide additional meetup ideas and get involved! You can also stay informed by signing up for our weekly newsletter HERE.

City of Long Beach Health Department is Hiring

The City’s Health Department is hiring two Accessibility Advocates to support its Public Health Emergency Management Division. Interested candidates must submit their resume by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 10, 2023 to he-preparedness@longbeach.gov. 

Access the job description HERE

Brief summary: The Accessibility Advocate positions are designed for a high school student*, college student, and adult who are interested in the public health field. The positions offer exposure to the public health emergency management field, provide professional guidance and career development, as well as provide networking opportunities. These positions play an integral part in establishing relationships with our whole community to ensure that their perspectives and needs are integrated into the City’s public health emergency preparedness, planning, and response efforts. Positions are temporary and grant-funded until December 2023. Grant funding is provided by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)