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RP Neighbors Create Friendship AT Corner

A blank spot for decades is slowly becoming a place for the neighborhood. The Dawson Lot, as we are calling it, is now under new ownership. Matt Hamilton, the principal of the company is part of a new life not only at the Dawson Lot but for the area just across the street. For us – the neighborhood – we are taking this as an opportunity to connect our communities while building neighborhood.

Here you see Ed, Sylvia, Dawn and Demetrius (behind the camera) clean out a planted area. The group has designated this space as “Friendship Corner”! Couldn’t be better named. This spot is an intersection of many going to/from their cars, the bus stops, to shops. We are in the very early stages. We need volunteers to help execute a cleaning and greening of the space and hopefully more. Please send interest to info@rpna.org – we always respond!

But first things first! We want to acknowledge the commitment of Saturday’s workforce has made towards what will benefit all of us. Thank you Ed, Sylvia, Dawn, Demetrius, Gretchen (with the burritos!)