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Neighbors at the “Friendship Corner” on E7th Street and Dawson Avenue

We are gathering community input from renters, business and homeowners to transform alleyways and surrounding areas into safe and accessible spaces that neighbors can utilize for connecting with community.

We are offering neighbors two opportunities to share their voice, vision and ideas for improving the area around Dawson Avenue and E7th Street.

Wednesday, November 17th at 9AM neighbors will walk with LBPD East Division Patrol Resource Officer Brendan Murphy. Officer Murphy is familiar with conducting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluations. Neighbors will share concerns and provide input. Meet at 621 Dawson Avenue on the SW corner of E7th Street and Dawson Avenue at 9AM in the parking lot of the flower wall.

Saturday, November 20th from 9AM to 12PM we invite you to meet at the “Friendship Corner” at 621 Dawson Avenue on the SW corner of E7th Street & Dawson Ave. (look for the Rose Park canopy and mosaic flower wall). Show up and share your voice, vision and ideas for area improvement.

Neighborhood walks along Dawson Avenue starting at 9am, 10am and 11am.

ArtWorksLBC, our community art and wellness program will be out beautifying the Dawson wall with mosaic flowers.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Chalk art available for kids to create their vision of a healthy, safe and clean neighborhood!


Email info@rpna.org for more information. If you are interested in volunteering for clean up, we are looking for volunteers on Wednesday, November 17th from 9am to 10am and Friday, November 19th from 10am to 12PM to prime and paint for the next mosaic wall installation. To volunteer, please email info@rpna.org.

Neighbors at the “Friendship Corner” mosaic wall


Friendship Corner Wall at 7th Street and Dawson Avenue

MOSAIC INSTALLATION – Rose Park Neighborhood volunteers are out at the Friendship Corner Flower Wall at 621 Dawson Avenue TODAY, Saturday, May 1st and tomorrow Sunday, May 2nd from 9am to 1pm for another round of mosaic flower wall installation. If you are out for a stroll, and want to stop by to see the space, we welcome your visit! Masks are required.

TENANT’S RIGHTS WORKSHOP – In addition to the mosaic installation beginning at 9am on Sunday, May 2nd, Rose Park Neighborhood Association, Heart of Ida and Long Beach Residents Empowered will host a Renter’s Rights Workshop starting at 11am. Please see the flyer below for more information.

MOTHER’S DAY STROLL – We also invite you to meet us at 627 Molino Avenue for a interactive Mother’s Day stroll through the alleyway on Saturday, May 8th from 9am to 11am.

Enjoy coffee and morning delights as we reimagine these places and spaces. All are welcome and encouraged to walk, roll, or bike through the open space. Stop by anytime between 9am and 11am. More information at info@rpna.org or access the flyer HERE.

The Community Within: Alleyway Improvement Project is a neighborhood initiative that seeks to improve and transform the physical space of alleyways as usable, welcoming spaces where neighbors can utilize these spaces for walking, biking, connecting, rolling, and driving. The goal of this project is to gather input from residents about their vision for alleyways in Rose Park Neighborhood.