ArtWorksLBC and local vendors, Bowman Ceramics and Green Smith Goodness teamed up with local business Skies for Miles at 2741 E. 4th Street for a Makers Workshop on Sunday, November 6th.

Attendees learned how to create unique gifts for the holiday season and for any occasion year-round. Holiday ornaments were made for seniors with ArtWorksLBC, individuals created handmade ceramics such as ornaments, bowls, and cups with Bowman Ceramics, and GreenSmith Goodness served up healthy and delicious drink alternatives full of live probiotics – good for gut health!

It was a great day of collaboration among artists and sharing out the many talents of our local businesses. It also gave attendees an opportunity to discover their creativity and try out new vendors. Thanks to Theresa of Skies for Miles and Evangeline for organizing this neighborhood event along 4th Street!

ArtWorksLBC created ornaments for senior gift bags this holiday season
Beth Bowman of Bowman Ceramics with attendees
GreenSmith Goodness served up healthy drink options for attendees


Cody Lusby of Roses for Rose Park will be out painting a Rose for Rose Park Mural at Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant this Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th from 9am to 4pm and VOLUNTEERS are needed! Individuals can join in anytime! Wear comfy, paintable clothes!

The mural will be painted on the east side of Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant.

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