The Community Within Us

Photo Credit to Abel Membreno. Photo taken at Parking Lot Skate Jam in 2019

Rose Park Neighborhood Association is one of the newest Community Change Grantees awarded by America Walks!

The project titled: “The Community Within Us” will create two demonstration alleys along a .2 mile corridor in the Rose Park Neighborhood; propose altered city regulation of alley use, link to city’s open streets initiative to provide a safe and inclusive alternative to the high-speed, high risk corridor (E7th Street) that runs through the neighborhood.

Two chosen alleyways in Rose Park Neighborhood will be rethought for use. This will include an alleyway cleanup, and a revitalization project that may include art or other ideas for an open space concept that gives neighbors a safe place for community use.

Read more about the project and community change grantees HERE……/ Photo credit goes to Abel Membreno @thecreativeabe. Visit to see more of his work! Photo taken at the Parking Lot & Skate Jam Revive Church 7th in 2019. #action4neighborhoodchange #safestreetslb #alleywayrevitalization