The fish

Create YOUR Fish!

Rose Parkians and surrounding neighbors! Although we are apart now, we will soon be back together.

Safer By The Sea We are currently all much like fish living in an aquarium. We’re looking out on a world with others who can walk by and look in on us. We cannot wait for the current to pass so we can escape and swimmingly return back to the open waters. In the meantime we are a community that is going to be Safer By The Sea and school the world about just what beautiful fish we are.

We invite you to cut out the outline of a fish, innovate and create this fish with your own personal style! After you design your fish, we hope you will display your fish in the window of your home and upload a picture of your fish to our Facebook page at RoseParkNeighborhoodAssociation or email your image to All pictures that we receive digitally will become a part of a very large fish that we are putting together. This healthy fish symbolizes sustainability, wellness, and staying safe alone, so we can be stronger together.

We look forward to seeing your fish!

We are learning a great deal about fish. Their symbolism, how their valued. And with Dawn’s artistic leadership and research we have just learned that fish are ‘experienced’ in spatial distancing!!! When fish travel in a school, they know to have a safe distance from each other for maneuvering purposes. This distance helps keep them in sync and stronger as a group.

Here is a sample! You can color, you can re-create with other materials….just upload the image!

And a reminder – questions regarding CURRENT COVID19 Guidelines call 562-570-INFO.