Things 2 of 6 – Trees in RP Neighborhoods

Trees in Rose Park

We had a terrific tree planting in RP South last weekend spearheaded by Gabrielle Weeks, Sierra Club and Neighborhood Resources. Thank you Gabrielle and the tons of volunteers who came out Р62 trees are in the earth. Now we have several future actions from re-planting, re-staking to clearing out the tree well and placing weed-block cloth and mulch. And then of course water during the hot-dry season. As most of you know, but it is worth re-stating,  is that the city does not maintain the trees. So, consider this our physical activity program!

Have you seen the trees on E7th!? They are blooming. A bit spindly due to surviving the drought. The 10th St. trees appear to be thriving – that is, if they haven’t been hit. We have a new resident – David Robinson – who near 10th & Junipero and is helping by monitoring the situation and tending the trees.

Scotty’s Tree – RPNA has a few hundred dollars from a request to support a neighborhood beautification action. This request was in the name of Scotty Hinkey which was set up when she passed away ¬†Scotty was a long time resident a and sheer life force in Rose Park – the neighborhood, the park and the association. The immediate and overwhelming thought has been to plant a holiday tree in the park. And this is due to Scotty’s legacy event known as the Holiday Tree Lighting. Since then and over a decade we’ve always put up a cut tree – mostly to watch it fall over in the wind. But the park is the city’s and there are some rules for planting in the Park. Watch for updates re: Scotty’s Tree.