Underneath Rose Park

Secret caves? Hidden skeletons? Gold Doubloons? What is beneath Rose Park Neighborhood is the underpinning of coastal life in Southern California where hundreds of thousands of people have gone before. Holding on and steering forward gets re-calibrated every August. The neighborhood association is thrilled with hosting this year’s kick-off Board meeting with: Emily Stevens, Brooke Baker, Dave Clement, Jessica Truesdell and Gretchen Swanson. And as ex officio board members Danielle Dague Potter, Darick Simpson and Dawn Mendelson.

The board meets monthly and from Sept. through June each year meets at St. Matthews. Please email info@rpna.org if you want to be placed on the agenda. It’s 90 minutes of speed fun and focus. In August we sketch out the year’s calendar and assign the portfolios (more to come in successive emails). Every two years in September we review our values set based on verifiable data specific to Rose Park. In November we review our annual budget and prepare for all our non-profit corporate filings. And along the way we initiate, organize and coordinate actions, meetings and events.

These year we have two locations for National Night Out! Always the first Tuesday in August.