“Why is it important to be involved in your neighborhood?”

“It’s important to be involved in my neighborhood because it creates a sense of connection, connection creates trust and a sense of responsibility; responsibility creates a sense of pride in the neighborhood. I think this is what makes a community.” – Maribel Navarro

*Maribel volunteers her time to design the flyers, graphics and logos for Rose Park Neighborhood’s annual events and initiatives.

Volunteer with Rose Park Neighborhood Association to improve the quality of life of Rose Park residents.

There are so many Benefits! Here are just a few:

– Increase your skill set and experience
– Improve your mental and physical health
– Meet new people
– Make a difference!

Opportunities include:

– Facilitate a workshop, training or lead a discussion
– Assist with historic district preservation
– Participate in health & safety initiatives
– Work on neighborhood beautification projects
– Help with neighborhood events
– Chat with your neighbors! Deliver door to door newsletters

Let us know how you want to be involved!

We welcome your ideas, your expertise and your participation. To get started, please  email Danielle Potter Dague at eunetta76@msn.com.