Volunteers: The Spirit of Rose Park

Your RPNA board of directors works on behalf of 22,000 residents of the Rose Park historic districts to improve the quality of life in our community. Now we need you, a volunteer, to help us further our mission.

We continue to create community events that take place in Rose Park; events that we hope will become annual traditions and bring us together as a community of family and friends.

We periodically have a clean up day to trim the roses and clean out the flower beds in Rose Park.  If you’d like to volunteer at our next clean up, please let us know by checking “Rose Park Clean-Up” on the volunteer form on this page, we’ll be sure to let you know in advance.

We have many more wonderful ideas for Rose Park gatherings, but we need your help to implement them. Please consider becoming an active volunteer on the Rose Park Events Committee, serving on the Rose Park Board of Directors or becoming involved in Code Enforcement.

We need your ideas, your expertise and your participation. Everyone is welcome. Please fill out the volunteer form, or call 562-368-4877. We’ll get back to you. That’s a promise!

We’re Making Rose Park a Better Place, One Community Event at a Time

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