we can’t go out but we can’t stay in – whew!

Elevated heat during the stay-at-home restriction becomes a real challenge. In fact, it may be a serious health issue. There are plans for city cooling centers however when they open not all people will have a way to get there.

Rose Parkians! Please check on neighbors whether or not they ‘appear’ old or vulnerable. Do the 6′ “just checking in”. If you think someone needs a bit more support – either assist directly e.g. loaning them a fan, dropping off cold water or let us know. Our partners have ways to assist even with air conditioners. We expect that these resources will be immediately overwhelmed. What about those cooling clothes?

Have you set up a cooling spot throughout the day? Under a tree when the sun shifts, reducing the sun through the south facing and west facing windows, ensuring screens are in place and windows can be safely opened. Reduce the time spent in elevated temperature.

Once a heat wave occurs e.g. 2-3 days of above normal temperature it is important to 1) have someone check in with you everyday 2) avoid exertion and 3) eat small meals – can be more frequent!. Once it cools again then work on your plan: ventilation, emergency numbers on the fridge, and so on. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! Many of us have conditions that are heat sensitive. Children cooped up inside, those with respiratory ailments, people recovering from an illness or procedure – may need to monitor their hydration.

The Coronado Cooling Center started a few years ago as a friendly reminder. Today the purpose is seriously heightened! Check in with info@rpna.org.