You know it when you see it… don’t look until you need to

Here are some notes from this week in/around Rose Park Neighborhood

Accessory Dwelling Units – may not be on everyone’s radar but if you decide you want to build that proverbially granny flat in the back of your property you’ll want to stay tuned to the city’s regulation and the way the CHC (Cultural Heritage Commission) interprets it for historic districts.

From the recent study session this week here are some things to keep in mind:Don’t plan on using it for an AirBNB type of income. Although important for our rental community, accessory dwelling units may not be rented for less than 30 days.

  • And don’t plan to rent out the whole property and move abroad (or anywhere). Having an accessory dwelling unit requires you as the property owner to live on the property.
  • There are so many more details….massing, parking, square footage, the list goes on [check out item 3 for recent meeting]
  • The concern of our Rose Park Historic District Liaisons is to make sure that when these building proposals come forward that the applicant and the neighbors are aware and feel that they have input; and that the CHC conforms to the existing guidelines.
  • Want to see this in action? Attend the upcoming CHC session. There are currently 3, count them 3 applications, from our neighborhood on the agenda. Always check before you ride/drive/transit to the meeting for updated agenda and location!!  Second Monday, 5:30 P.M.; Council Chamber, 333 W. Ocean Blvd
  • Accessory Dwelling Units can make a real difference for part of our housing crunch and can definitely help with household income. Let’s insure that we go forward in a knowledgeable fashion.