ArtWorksLBC fosters community engagement through the conduit of art, in conjunction with the Rose Park Neighborhood Association’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative. ArtWorksLBC is a community benefit project of Rose Park Neighborhood Association.

Learn more about the mission, vision & values of ArtWorksLBC, including program goals, neighborhood impact, and how we measure success —> ArtWorksLBC Strategic Plan for 2020-2021 | PDF

We hope that neighborhoods and communities remain resilient and recover from individual and collective traumas. We hope that each person takes the opportunity to express themselves in a meaningful way. We hope that all share in the value of giving back, so that we move forward in a positive way. We provide virtual and in-person art projects to residents; providing a safe space for creativity, communication, healing and wellness.

Dawn Mendelson, Director ArtWorksLBC
Long-time LB resident, innovator of art wellness to build community.

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