ArtWorksLBC fosters community engagement through the conduit of art, in conjunction with the Rose Park Neighborhood Association’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative. ArtWorksLBC is a community benefit project of Rose Park Neighborhood Association.

Safer by the Sea Virtual Exhibit – Created by @ArtWorksLBC
Safer by the Sea Virtual Art Project features Director Dawn Mendelson reading the book “Swimmy” by Author Leo Leonni
Safer by the Sea Virtual Art Project features Artist Luz Mack reading the book “Swimmy” by Author Leo Leonni

Learn more about the mission, vision & values of ArtWorksLBC, including program goals, neighborhood impact, and how we measure success —> ArtWorksLBC Strategic Plan for 2020-2021 | PDF

We hope that neighborhoods and communities remain resilient and recover from individual and collective traumas. We hope that each person takes the opportunity to express themselves in a meaningful way. We hope that all share in the value of giving back, so that we move forward in a positive way. We provide virtual and in-person art projects to residents; providing a safe space for creativity, communication, healing and wellness.

Dawn Mendelson, Director ArtWorksLBC
Long-time LB resident, innovator of art wellness to build community.

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