Look Up! Important Update on the Verizon Cable Issue

The RPNA has been concerned about the visual blight caused by Verizon in the stringing of overhead cables and equipment throughout our neighborhood and much of the city. We brought these concerns to our council office. Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal shared our disappointment over the messy work and unsightly cabling and has been assisting us in contacting Verizon and our State Representatives.

Today Suja provided the California Public Utilities Commission with pictures, locations and information based on RPNA’s letter. Suja Lowenthal has requested a site visit and review from a CPUC staff engineer.  If there is bundling or cabling that’s out of compliance with state regulations, CPUC staff will work directly with Verizon to remedy the situation.  In addition, Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal will be submitting a motion for Council consideration on Tuesday, June 19, asking the City Attorney to identify any remedies at the city’s disposal including, but not limited to land use, regulation, blight and historic district status. The Second District Council Office has assured us that they will continue to engage Verizon in discussion about the community’s concerns.

Thank you to all the Rose Park residents that signed the petition for change in the overhead cables covering our neighborhood! This request/complaint will be sent directly to Verizon executives in an effort to draw attention to their responsibility for these unsightly cables.

Please sign the petition here: Don’t deface our neighborhood

View photos of the cables in our neighborhood by clicking here:


Congratulations to Sandy Clarke!

Congratulations to Sandy Clarke for winning the 2 round-trip free passes on JetBlue Airlines. Sandy’s name was drawn by Pete Marchia, founder of the Rose Park Bluegrass Festival Wednesday night at the Rose Park Mixer and Membership Drive hosted by Jeff Anderson Real Estate. Sandy plans to use the tickets this summer but she’s not sure where she and her partner will go. Hopefully, Sandy will send us some pics from her vacation.

We still have JetBlue passes that were given to us through the Bluegrass Festival so watch for our next fund raiser!