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2020 Board

Election results are in and RPNA’s board for 2020-2021 has been elected. This is an annual action by RPNA members that takes place in July. For many years the election occurred during the Sunday in the Park picnic but this year it was done electronically. RPNA encourages individuals to reach out to connect and help build neighborhood. Make sure your voice is heard!

2020 Elected Board – Emily Stevens, David Clement, Chris Robson, Brooke Baker, Gretchen Swanson

Thank you all for stepping up for action! The Board meets monthly – please send concerns and considerations to and continue to follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter plus our new flyers.

Protests and action

There are many opportunities to participate in social change. But much harder – in fact, impossible – if you aren’t connected to the internet or can’t afford monthly broadband costs! Not everyone knows what is going on, yet so many are eager to know more and participate.

What does that mean? Share. Share what you know to be accurate. Listen. Listen to many voices and attend to those that are fact-based and informed.

If you are interested in working with a group dedicated to sharing and listening and you live in Rose Park [Cherry to Redondo: 4th to 10th] – please submit your name in nomination to Rose Park Neighborhood Association. Tiny hoop – opportunity for large commitment! Questions? Considerations? Send your information to info@RPNA.ORG. Today! Our annual election for the RPNA board is July – we are working out how that will work.