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Want involvement? Don’t know where to start?

Each year at this time people are nominated (or nominate themselves) to get more involved with the neighborhood. The Rose Park Neighborhood Association can have up to 12 members; meets monthly plus each board member gets involved with one or more actions or projects. Involvement!

Interested? We hope so. Make sure you are a current member of RPNA – if not go to our website and join. 

Who can join? Residents, property owners and business owners in the Rose Park Neighborhood: Cherry to Redondo: 4th to 10th.

And then, email to be nominated. And finally, come to the July 22nd Sunday in the Park when the elections occur.

First RPNA Board meeting will be in August, Board meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at St. Matthews.

Areas of involvement:

  • Beautification
  • Communication
  • Fundraising
  • Health and Safety
  • Civic Engagement
  • History and Preservation

How to spend a Saturday and hang out with LBPD

There is a place called the Community Police Academy. It is not for everyone – unless of course you are interested in knowing more about how the LBPD operates. There are live scenarios of gun-toting, domestic abusing, near suicide cases. You wear stuff. There is a mini-lesson on constitutional law on topics like ‘probable cause’. They feed you.  There will be more of these Community Police Academies in 2018. You can complete an application here.

(Seen here is Gretchen Swanson, President of RPNA receiving her diploma…with the evidence)

And for those who don’t feel the need for a visceral training experience but want to connect with our LBPD here are some options. Continue reading How to spend a Saturday and hang out with LBPD