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What Builds our neighborhood

Voting! Starts Saturday goes until March 3rd! check out for locations – vote anywhere in LA County! That’s right…..anywhere!

The Coffee Walk at E7th & Temple – 7am Feb 19th. This is where we hand out coffee and say ‘good morning’

Post Oct 29th Recovery Team – Debrief Breakfast Feb 23rd….folks involved with the recovery and next steps get together and plan….maybe a block party…

All Hands on Deck Exhibit at Blackbird Cafe Starts last week of Feb goes for 3 months. Our work will be shown in PUBLIC! So exciting!

Moms for a Beautiful 10th Street Thurs March 5th afternoon in front of Willard – Focus how to use mobile phone for safety.

Big heART – March 20th….art, artists, All Fingers on Deck art session! Food, fun, more info to come!

We can’t write everything we are working on but this is the big stuff! We do all of these actions with significant input and support of partners – specifics will be forthcoming. Check in at our Facebook page!

It’s that time of year to join or renew membership – please do at this link.

We all benefit

Rose Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) has grown and adapted over the past 30+ years. We have helped preserve and build the character and stability of our area. Each resident is important – all residents are important. We’ve had challenges and will continue to have challenges because we are a vibrant area of a changing city.

You may have noticed our actions “on the street”. We have found we meet many more of our neighbors and hear their concerns “out on the street”. And if that is where it happens – so be it.

Randy Hope (CD2) with camera reach, Richard Connelly with donuts/coffee, Gretchen Swanson holding on to our trusty “mobile unit”, Danielle Potter Dague with hospitality tray and last but truly a leader, Bennett Dague with our signature welcoming smile aka ‘junior greeter’.

It is that time of year where we reach out to those that live or work here to share in these efforts. If you can, please become a member or renew a past membership. LINK The cost has remained $25 for years! Either way please reach out to get involved – everyone is welcomed! Whether at our bi-monthly Parking Lot (Skate Jam and Art Expression); Walk the Walks (handing out morning coffee); or hang out on 10th Street with Moms for a Beautiful 10th – the list goes on.

Our partners and supporters are fundamental to our success. Some have moved on. We are saddened that Power 4 Youth has had to close its doors. It has been a mainstay for youth mentoring for several years. However, we are already identifying other timely and meaningful mentoring activities.

Because of these actions and friendships we participate in more strategic efforts here in Long Beach. To do that we need your voice. Please be a part of our neighborhood’s future.

Warm regards,

The Rose Park Neighborhood Board